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Denpasoft General FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding Denpasoft and their games.


Q: How is Denpasoft related to Sekai Project?

A: Denpasoft is an imprint brand of Sekai Project for adult content.


Q: How do I get more downloads for my game?

A: Please e-mail [email protected] 


Q: Why is (insert game here) censored?

A: There are various reasons for this. Denpasoft may not want to provide uncensored images due to the possibility of getting into legal problems. Another case in which censoring happens is due to the developer losing the raw data, so in that instance, there is no choice but to keep the censored version.

Q: When will you have your previously-released limited edition games back in stock?

A: Games with limited edition runs will generally not be back in stock once they sell out.

Q.  I can't open this downloaded .rar file

A. Please update to latest 7zip.

Q: What about the regular versions of games that are currently sold out?

A: When the games are back in stock, we will make an announcement on our social media sites.

Q: Will games purchased on Denpasoft come with Steam keys?

A: Due to various factors, including potential fraud, we do not have any plans to include Steam keys with our games.

Q: Can I get a refund on something I've purchased and downloaded?

A: Unfortunately, we cannot trade or refund items that have already been downloaded. 

Q:  Why am I paying custom fees on shipments?

A:  In accordance with international laws, our shipments overseas will require the payment of custom fees.

Q. Does the Muv-Luv Director's Cut work on the Simplfied Chinese version?

A. No. Using it reverts it to the all-ages version

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